Bio: I was born in the middle of the great state of Illinois in the middle of the country of America. I have been a life long seeker of experiences, meanings and truth. I know as much as I have been able to cram in and have so much more to learn. I share my feelings on this blog and hope you will find some truths and share your truths with me.

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    • Hello. I am sorry for the delay in replying. I found when I saw 1234 (or when I do now) it was a direct sign from a loving caring universe. A sign that the things that most needed tackling – the things that I put off tackling because they were overwhelming – I should take 1 step at a time and start forward. Whatever it is (and perhaps several things) move forward with one step forward each day. Door will open and paths will become clearer as you move forward.

      • No need to apologize. You are gracious enough just to respond. I have a grand story to tell. It started with my birthday date of 7:26 on the clock which ended up being the date in 2013 my life was saved. Right after moving to 12:34. I can tell you this. I feel a closeness to god, like of biblical proportion. It is to the point I have such a close relationship I just ask for something and he graciously responds. My best example was last night when I asked him for proof of relationship. My wife and stepdaughter were battling. My wife’s life path is #7. My stepdaughter is #6. I asked god to give me more solid proof that he and I were greatly connected to prove to them how real he is especially my connection to him. I first asked him to give me my relationship to him when I randomly opened my bible ( I just started looking in one doing this for 2 weeks now) I opened to pages 672/673 each break down to #6/#7. Jeremiah chapter 36 (#9). I read versus 1,2,3,4. Look it up. I have the king James version. That was at 12:16 a.m. My wife and daughter were fighting strong. A fight that started at 11p.m.
        They normally go for 2 hour fight. 2 hour makeup. I wanted my wife to read what I had read. I asked got to have her come in the room at 12:34. Well wouldn’t you know exactly when she opened the door I asked her what time it was and she chucked 12:34. She is familiar with me and this time. She then listen to me read the aforementioned verse. I then asked her to go out front and have a cigarette before going to bed. Let me mention. She said her daughter suddenly said she was too tired and was going to bed. My wife said the usual, I’m gonna finish my cig and go to bed but my wife said she decided to put out her cigarette. Not normal for her. But she would have missed my calling time I told god of 12:34. Now before we stepped outside to have our cigarettes I stopped her and told her I was going to have god give her 2 shooting stars. One for her and one for her daughter. She said that’s pretty bold giving the fact that our window for them to see is August 18-26 where we live and we are lucky to see any. We often sit out front for hours hoping to see any. I said that’s the point. Bold is how confident I am. Within 5 minutes the two stars short and sweet happened. The problem was my wife was talking about how it ended with her daughter and missed both of them even upset with herself because when I told her about them she knows I’m the teller of truth. We have known each other 25 years. Friends for 12 lovers for 13. She asked me to ask for two more. I said now YOUR reaching. Non the less I did and immediately were the two brighter and each a moment longer. See he wanted to back me up and in her distraction she missed it. He made sure she did not this time. She is started to see how bonded me and he are. Its almost ridiculous how quick he responds to my request. I have similar stories of grandeur that my wife can attest to. You see she grew up a Christian. Me a man of math and science with disbelief for lack of proof. One day tired of struggling I used a week of math science and philosophy to algorithm the potential and came to a undoubted conclusion of yes. Jumping over hope and faith right to undoubtedly. Ever since then he and I have been best friends. He allows me to predict things with an unnatural talent. My wife feels I’m a flesh and blood guardian Angel with insight the likes of which she has never seen. She has even straighten her Christian faith up because she feels god is truly watching her through me. It is the most exciting time of my life as a scientist of social studies.

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