To tie the quantum knot…or knot


I was watching the snowflakes outside my window today….

As I watched the little particles float through the wintry day I watched the energy that flows through the universe dancing in front of the window pane.  Beautiful little knots of water frozen in patterns of tiny beauty danced around the parking lot and through the air in a thick white cloud.  I thought of the scientifically expressed energy that binds everything in this universe together in beautiful complicated knots. That snowflake dancing outside the window was such a beautiful expression of the science. 

There is a scientific theory that embraces energetic knots at a sub atomic level. I only know a little of the theory.  I was a corporate treasurer when I used my mind to earn a living…rather than my heart as I do today. Therefore I studied complicated foreign exchange and interest movements….and not the science of the simple elegant energy knot.  What a beautiful ancient theory the scientific physicist has to study when the idea of energy knots is put forth.  Energy does tie itself into knots.  Endlessly, beautifully, over and over again energy knits itself together to create the fabric of the universe, our world, our bodies, our cells, our very DNA, our quarks and our individual vibrations in the entire beautiful knot. 

Modern theory, and modern minds are not to first to find beauty in the concept of an energy knot.  There are beautiful ancient knots featured in remnants of previous thinking cultures.  We find elaborate knots in Tibetan scrolls.  Celtic monks covered pages and pages of their texts with complicated connected knots.  Egyptian artifacts contain patterns of connected knots.  What idea were these ancient scholars really trying to convey?  Was the idea of the simple knot something that we intuited even before modern man created the science to absorb how interconnected all energy is at a quantum level?

I like to think so.

I like to think that we all tie knots in this big ever replicating universe we inhabit.  We tie energy knots with our thoughts, our words and our actions.  Our energy creation is the most basic expression of a knot.  If the tiniest bit within the atom that can be measured (the quark) knots itself into an unbreakable knot (it does) and can be moved by our very expectations statistically (it does)…..what is our energy tying together?  What are you creating? 

I like to think of my heart as the creator for my day now.  Actually, I feel that our hearts are the creators for our worlds.   I keep mine open and send love into the battered world that we live within.  It is a hard time to be human. 

So much of what we have created in this physical world is ego driven and unsustainable. Some of the things we have created are beautiful.    I like living in a warm home in a safe country that guarantees my freedom to dream. I can sit around tying knots of thoughts all day because I am American and that is my guaranteed right.  I have the constitutional right to dream and pursue happiness.   But what should change so that the entire world may be safely living in the way that I do?  How do we create a better world?  What do we do differently?  What do we create by not doing things differently?  How can the beautiful knot of freedom be sustained?  How can the world of humanity be sustainable in what knots we tie together?

On a personal level, the energy knot between two people is also likely to be unsustainable these days.  So many challenges to the human heart and its connective ability to tie energy with others.   Some individuals continue relating on a personal level and creating beautiful energy knots that become moments, that become days that become lives. They are the lucky ones that think with their hearts and minds and create love in their families, their friendships and their lives.

But so much is broken in the ability to create energy knots in our relationships.  Texting, emailing, distracting self prevents so much of the emotional energy knots that have been tied between two people in any personal relationship through the ages.  We breakup without even speaking in the same physical space.  It is now unacceptably acceptable to breakup via text, facebook, email.  It is truly sad if we consider that for just a moment.  It is acceptable to give no energy at all beyond the moment we text an ending from afar with simple electronic words conveying a remote energy that we feel is sufficient to untie a knot.  How can a knot that was so easy to untie be meaningful?  It isn’t.  It’s painless because it was worthless. Nothing was created and nothing was lost.  That broken relationship was merely a distraction on the way to understanding the need to tie more meaningful knots.

Though the times are challenging for heart knotters….I am hopeful.  We all understand the difference in something that moves us and something that leaves us feeling empty.  We all instinctively turn to the sun.  We all instinctively turn to love.  We will get it right as time goes on.  Energy knotting is beautiful when it is meaningful. 

What knots are you tying today?  Are they knots that were worth tying with your energy?  Are they sustainable?  Do they move you and the people that surround you to the greatest highest good of a situation? 

Watch the snowflakes bouncing around your window for a bit.  Those thoughts you create from your heart are just as beautiful and just as meaningful.  A snowflake becomes a drift which becomes a pile which melts and becomes a torrent.  Tie your thoughts meaningfully and as the heart will and you will create beauty.

The simple light that comes from complicated darkness is the energy we tie our thoughts with and that energy is love.



4 thoughts on “To tie the quantum knot…or knot

  1. If I see one more snowflake I’m moving back to California 😉

    Okay….seriously. This is an excellent post that beautifully conveys your thoughts and observations. I spent a little time reflecting on some of the questions you offer.

    But what should change so that the entire world may be safely living in the way that I do?


    How do we create a better world?

    I observe myself instead of others. I realign my inner structure so that the dominant influences are love-based and not ego-based.

    What do we do differently?

    I examine the dominant influences in my life….what influences me and how I influence others. All spiritual movement is based on the forms of influence.

    What do we create by not doing things differently?

    More chaos.

    How can the beautiful knot of freedom be sustained?

    It is impossible to sustain legislated freedom. In fact, legislated freedom is mere propaganda and myth. When Human Beings are no longer imprisoned by geographical borders and laws promote separation of the global society, then we begin to approach the concept of “freedom”.

    Currently, true freedom exists only in spiritual potential. No one is prevented from pursuing spiritual growth except by the choice not to do so.

    How can the world of humanity be sustainable in what knots we tie together?

    We need to understand the context of unconditional love. This is a dimension of existence, a form of energy that is specific to the Human Species. The entity called “Humanity” is a force that will not be completely actualized until the Human Species merges into the Oneness of unconditional love. This not simply simply an intention….it is an intention with an action.

    • Yes Rob to all of your comments. Thank you for this beautiful commentary that is enlightening. I send the questions into cyberspace with the intent to awaken sleeping people gently and with beauty. You are awake and you are leading and teaching. I am just barely practicing unconditional love every day. It was not something I even understood I could do…not so long ago. It is easy after the initial hard steps to live life in this way. I set my intention first and all the steps after were actions. Much as knowing self love was a baby step to understanding unconditional love…setting intention is step one in the connecting to human and spirit energy. For those that are asleep this will make no sense at all. We are no longer asleep…we are no longer setting intentions…we are living in unconditional love. We are teaching as we are learning. We are awakening those that are ready to awaken. They are drawn to us by our intentions and yes our actions. So well said new friend. We are being positioned (as my friend Roger just elaborated intuitively yesterday) to help with this acceptance of true freedom, true love, awareness of our intentions, thoughts, energy and possibilities. Much will have to change in order for the collective energies to be focused with intent and action. Much will have to fall away…in order for new ways to grow…we should at least start this process in a legislative place that guarantees our right to the pursuit of happiness (love and joy implied). It is here in this legislation where the possibility exists for that oneness to grow…there is much light in our democracy that does not exist in other parts of this tiny little planet. So let us set our intentions and actions in the light of the sun that is shining…knowing that much has to fall away as it naturally will…with some chaos and some disorder leading to harmony…as all change brings. I am so happy we connected in this tool of the collective. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂

  2. That sequence is constantly showing up in my life also at this time.
    I am recently coming out of and healing from a narcisistic abuser and it gives me so much strength when ever I see it. Love and light is surely all around me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Laura, I too followed the path of less than respectful relationships. I hope that the lesson that you too might have learned is simply that you are worth only the very best of love because you are love. As you heal know that you deserved nothing but wonderful love and will have that. Be blessed with that knowledge and be sure of it.

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